Always enjoy seeing Graham and he does wonders with my hair. Especially when you say don’t cut off too much and he listens. My daughter now waits until she is here from Cheshire to get her hair done by Graham.

Cherry Jones

Graham did a super lovely job on my bridesmaid hair for my best friends wedding in Whitby. Exactly what I asked for and even better! Friendly and chatty too. Have a lovely wedding tomorrow mister! X

Jess Wright

Graham is fantastic! Always has my hair exactly how I want it and is brilliant at cutting my kids hair (both wiggly little monsters) would highly recommend him to everyone. Brilliant prices and lovely guy 🙂

Amy Devonport

The best hairdresser in North Yorkshire. Graham calls every month to do the whole family. My hair has never looked as good as it does since we met Graham 3 yrs ago. Wouldn’t want to be without him!!!!!!!!!!! xxx

Rowena Mayman

Fantastic hair stylist, Always willing to give advice on styles and colours. I’m so glad I found him, looking forward to having him do my wedding hair. I’d recommend him.

Tracy Oxley

So professional, friendly, reliable, patient and extremely talented. Looked after and styled 6 very over excited bridesmaids and 1 beautiful bride to absolute perfection. Thank you Graham! Xx

Natalie Horne-Wild

Graham is fantastic, he make my hair look so lovely & he’s such a nice guy 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Diane Mitchell

Graham was fantastic with my 3 kids (2&3) will definitely be using him again.

Amanda Howes
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