If you have been given a link to the form by me and have reached this page, then you have not typed the full link to the form into your internet browser address bar at the top. DO NOT type it into Google, the form is hidden from the public and only available to clients 48 hours before their appointment.
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As a mobile hairdresser coming into your home, the guidelines for you and I to follow will be slightly different than the hair salon guidance you may have already read about. For my guidance I have taken into account the government guidelines in ‘Close contact services’ and also ‘Working in other people’s homes’.

I please ask that you follow all of the government guidelines, not just for the day of your appointment. They are not only there to keep you safe, but also me, my household and my other clients – who without would affect my entire livelihood.

By booking an appointment with me during this time you are consenting to me entering your home, knowing the potential risks which may be involved.


  • My tools and equipment will be sterilised with Barbicide (immersed for the recommended 10 minutes) after each household, so fresh clean ones can be used on you. I will also carry with me a Barbicide surface spray for use during the appointment.
  • Barbicide is a hospital grade disinfectant used in the salon industry. It has been tested in a 3rd party lab and been found to be effective against Human Coronavirus. I am qualified in the use of Barbicide for COVID-19 (click to open certificate in popup).
  • I will wear a visor throughout the entire appointment, which will be thoroughly disinfected between each appointment with Barbicide surface spray.
  • I will wear one face mask per household, when I need to. This has an anti-bacterial mouth zone and retains its anti-bacterial properties for up to 20 washes.
  • A freshly washed gown will be used per household.
  • I will carry anti-bacterial hand gel with me to every appointment, to use regularly along with hand washing for 20 seconds with soap and water.
  • I will be staying up-to-date with the latest guidance and keeping you informed of how it applies to my work and your appointment.

This list is only the start, we must work together to ensure your safety and mine.

You will receive the entire list of guidelines within 48 hours of your appointment. This will also contain a form for you to fill in. It will ask for you to declare that you haven’t had any symptoms within the past 2 weeks.

If you have received the link to the form from me and are having difficulty finding it, then you are probably typing the link into a search engine bar instead of using your internet browser address bar. This is located at the top of your screen and should contain the website name ending in – this is where you type the link to the form. 

You can’t find the form on search engines because I’ve hidden it from public view, so it can only be available to clients who are booked in.

Most people will be able to click on the form link on their phones and the form will open, from here you can click into each form field to enter your information.